Balance Method

Dr. Tan's Balance Method

The Balance Method states:

Li Gan Jian Ying = Stand Pole (under the sun) See Shadow

This is how fast the effectiveness of acupuncture should be.

The 'Balance Method' says it all. By inserting fine needles into one area of the body, another area can be effectively balanced. Certain meridians, or energy pathways, balance other meridians. A person may present with a pain in the back, for instance, which is in the area of the Bladder meridian. By needling the Lung meridian on the arm, the pain in the back vanishes, because the Lung meridian balances the sick Bladder meridian.

Of course one treatment session is unlikely to see the miraculous banishment of all ills. It is a gradual process whereby the body's own healing mechanisms are activated and encouraged to bring harmony to the system. Two or more treatments per week may be necessary in the first instance, with a gradual spreading out of visits until the condition is resolved as far as is possible.

The needles are almost invariably inserted into the arms, legs, hands and feet, requiring the removal of very little clothing. This system thereby lends itself very well to a multi-bed environment, where several people are treated in the same room. The main advantages of this method of treatment, long used in China, are:

a) the cost of treatment can be cut, making it more affordable without any loss of quality;

b) the social aspect and support of other patients can be surprisingly beneficial.

For anybody who feels that their problems are too sensitive to air in an environment where they may be overheard, a private area is available for discussion and the inital session is conducted on a one-to-one basis.