Magic Points

Master Tung's Magic Points

Master Tung has been called the 'Greatest Acupuncture Master who ever lived.' Born in Northern China in 1916, he inherited his family's secret system of practising acupuncture, which has reached our time via the long-standing tradition of apprenticeship. Carefully selected apprentices were privileged to learn from him and preserve and share this huge fountain of knowledge with modern day practitioners.

The often immediate positive results achievable with Master Tung's system have earned it the epithet of 'Master Tung's Magic Points'. Not only is it possible to alleviate painful conditions with the use of relatively few needles, but internal conditions, such as eye problems, headaches, stomach and heart conditions, to mention just a few, are within the scope of Master Tung's 'magic points'.

Since the majority of points are located on the limbs and generally far from the site of pain, they are considered very safe to use and ideal for a multi-bed environment, where patients are treated communally.